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Address -
village -sidhpur , semriharchand ,tehsil - babai ,.distt – Hoshangabad [ M.P.] - 461668
Ph. : 8708370168 , 8770929264

E-mail : info@jankalyanashram.org


Dear all, Revered parents,

Our mission requires us to seek & help low income rural child who is oozing with potential and all precious ingredients to convert him into a complete individual. Through the quality education we provide, it is our first priority to help our students break the dogma of backwardness and hesitation and become productive members of society.

The high expectations we hold for students are designed to help them become life long learners with strong self confidence and a sense of high self esteem. UDAAN family strives to live by its school motto i.e let knowledge come from all directions.

Equally we consider our parents very important members of our school community and respect them as children primary educations. We firmly believe that this union of the school & the parents, if work closely together for the sake of a budding generation winners are routine and through this positive partnership, we will continue to build bright future of our students.

I feel proud to express that the school is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic and human excellence.